Don Draper – Madmen Style


Don Draper – Mad Men – 1950’s Suit Style

There’s one icon of the Mad Men style that stands above the rest, and it’s Don Draper. With the most screen time, the most outfits, and the most exposed private life, he’s the man to look to for costumer Janie Byrant’s best showpieces. Because the show takes a more detailed look at his “off-hours,” he’s also the best example of casual, non-business wear for men in the show, sporting outfits like plaid flannels and navy polo shirts as well as his classic suits.

Don Draper at Work

In the office, Don Draper is the go-to creative man. He’s the one the rest of the firm can count on for inspiration and last-minute results. He’s also in a position of responsibility and on an upward track, and his clothing reflects the balance between the creative artist and the career man — his look is varied and visually “busy” for a suit-and-tie man, but it’s impeccably fit and well within the boundaries of appropriate businesswear in the early 1960s.

The Classic Men’s Suit

The staple of Don Draper’s wardrobe is the classic American Suit, popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by companies like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers: soft and thick in the shoulders and chest, but tapered at the waist to give a more V-shaped silhouette. He wears his coats cut a touch long at the bottom, probably because actor Jon Hamm stands six foot tall — the added length helps add the illusion of length to his upper body, balancing it with his longer legs. His lapels are notched and on the slimmer side, a very characteristic look for Madison Avenue of the early 1960s. The overall natural shape of the suit makes it aggressively “masculine,” emphasizing the shoulders with a soft drape over them and the chest with a clean V-shape in the front.



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