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6 Winter Style Tips

Dressing appropriately isn’t just about finding the right tie pin or how you fold your pocket square – it’s also about finding the right outfit to match the season. Here are six tips to make sure you survive the cooler months in style. Fabric. When the temperature drops, the fabric you’re wearing can make all […]

Don Draper – Madmen Style

Don Draper – Mad Men – 1950’s Suit Style There’s one icon of the Mad Men style that stands above the rest, and it’s Don Draper. With the most screen time, the most outfits, and the most exposed private life, he’s the man to look to for costumer Janie Byrant’s best showpieces. Because the show […]

George Clooney – Style Icon

Why He’s A Style Icon George Clooney seemed to follow the latest trends in the 1980s, but something happened in the 1990s: He grew up and showed the world how a man should dress. The no-nonsense haircut replaced the floppy kid-next-door look and the clothes went monochromatic with the first Ocean’s film in 2001. Since then […]